Product  Veda terminal equipment

Codec VEDA 400S

  • Using the standard protocol SIP
  • Video quality FullHD 720p, bandwidth up to 2Mbps
  • Support 1 camera USB FullHD 1080p
  • AES Encryption
  • HD Audio (48kHz), using the standard connecting to systems amplifier, speaker
  • 48KHz Stereo standard
  • VPN virtual private network
  • Optimized installation and configuration
Product features
Vietnamese, English language
AES 256 encryption
Easy configuration and installation
Full-band quality Sound
Good warranty
VPN Security
HD 720p
New generation videos

New generation videos

The VEDA 400S can use HD / Full HD Camera to deliver clear and clear videos. Frame rates are steady at 20fps and 25fps for smooth and realistic video movement. With 1 USB Camera and 1 Camera Content for uninterrupted display of images and document sharing.
Âm thanh sắc nét

Full-band quality sound

VEDA 400S is using many specialized audio encoding and decoding protocols such as Celt, Opus, G.722, G.722.1 ..... VEDA 400S connects to other specialized hardware devices. realistic sound quality. With Analog and HDMI output for customers to many audio solutions in the meeting room to bring the best quality.

Using Internet connection

VEDA 400S was created with the aim of minimizing costs for customers. We design the system software to support the connection on the Internet. Customers can use the existing Internet access infrastructure such as FTTH or ADSL without having to rent a separate line for video conferencing. Video encoding of the VEDA 400S allows bandwidth selection from 128Kbps to 2 Mbps and achieves HD resolution with only 320Kbps bandwidth.

Easy to manage and use
high security

The audio encoding system provides good support for self-correcting errors on the Internet connection, customers can have good conversations at a loss of up to 15%. VEDA 400S supports setting up CyTunnel allowing VEDA devices to automatically connect the VPN Tunnel together to form a virtual private network. Customers will no longer have a headache in configuring the firewall or handling Network Address Translation (NAT) related issues.
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Easy to install

The VEDA 400S has a simple and universal interface. Customers can install the equipment themselves in a short time. The connection interfaces of the VEDA 400S are common connection standards such as USB connection, 3.5mm audio connection. The structural design as well as the cover of the VEDA 400S is very compact and convenient for transport.
- Input: 01 microphone 3.5mm
- Output: 1 stereo output 3.5mm, 1 stereo Output HDMI, 1 USB
- Fullscreen video, Side-By-Side, Picture In Picture
- G.722, G.722.1, G.722.1C, SpeexWide 16 KHz
- G.711, iLBC, Speex 8KHz
- Hỗ trợ âm thanh Stereo
- Automatic gain control
- Automatic noise suppression
- Acoustic echo cancellation
- Audio error concealment
Visca, Pelco, V4L2
- Web base and Remote
- Vietnamese, English language
Firmware upgrade over the Internet. Save / Restore settings, edit contacts
- Input: 1 HD camera USB, 1 HD IP Content
- Output: 01 HDMI
- HD 720p
- 576p
- 4CIF
- 360p
- Content over IP - Content Frame rate: 5-25 fps
- H.264 Baseline, H264 High Profile, H.263, H.261, VP8, MPEG4
- Remote camera control: H.224/H.281
- 10/100/1000 auto NIC (RJ45)
- Auto MDIX
- Call bandwidth 64Kbps - 2Mbps.
- Protocol: H.235, TLS, SSL, SRTP
- Web-base security
- Password, HTTPS
- Encryption AES, 3DES, Blowfish
Information transmitting and receiving video: codec, bandwidth, latency, packet loss, jitter
Other products
Codec VEDA 800

Codec VEDA 800

Code: VDA800-0-0
The VEDA 800 is integrated with a panning camera system and a zoom feature that allows users to observe any position in the meeting room as well as zoom in with a rotating lens to focus on the chairman position. VEDA 800 supports meeting rooms with up to 50 members
Codec VEDA 600

Codec VEDA 600

Code: VDA600-0-0
The VEDA 600 series is a minimalist version of the 700 series with professional PTZ Camera
Codec VEDA 700

Codec VEDA 700

Code: VDA700-0-0
The VEDA 700 has a compact and ergonomic design for medium and large meeting rooms, easy to use with Vietnamese language, stereo sound and dedicated peripheral connections.
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