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Solution Streamming meeting content

Currently, the need to stream online meeting content to IP networks in organizations, offices, schools or businesses is increasing. However, there is no standard solution model from the manufacturers for this need. Cypresscom presents its streaming solution with a specially configured SOUL Root device for video conferencing service. A streaming solution helps to stream the meeting content directly to a large number of people not directly attending. This solution is really useful when applied in fields of teaching, event organization ...

Optimize image and sound compression

The transmission of video of online meeting to the Internet requires low bandwidth, stable but still optimal original image quality. With the H.264 HighProfile compression module optimized for configuration, SOUL Root device completely meets the above requirements. With 384Kbps bandwidth, users can access the streaming system and receive images in HD (1280x720) resolution.

Easy access from the Internet

Cypresscom Streaming Solution supports the access to receive images from web browsers over HTTP protocol. Users just need to access, log in and receive videos. Audio of online meetings and online conferencing is also compressed down to 15Kbps and supports self-correction feature when losing packages, ensuring good sound at loss of up to 15%.

Simple installation design

In the online solution model, the SOUL Root device connects to the MCU over IP and from the MCU side, this device acts as a terminal. On the web browser front end, SOUL Root acts as the streaming server. On the device there are two interfaces, one for connecting to the MCU, and the other for connecting to the Internet. For the system to function properly during online meetings, the network administrator needs to make sure the HTTP service is accessible from outside the Internet.

Enterprise cost optimization

It can be said that the Streaming solution with SOUL Root helps to effectively save the cost of online meeting, online seminar of businesses compared to streaming solutions of other manufacturers in the present time. In addition to SOUL Root, customers do not have to invest in multi-cast routers or dedicated modems that support streaming.

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