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Multi-point solution

Providing solution that allows connecting multiple bridge points in many different offices to attend the same conference.



For businesses with multiple headquarters in many different locations or widely distributed project human resources, the need for video conferencing solutions, online meetings, and multi-point online seminars is urgent. Or even businesses can organize seminars, online meetings with many other partners through the multipoint system. In general, the multi-point solution helps users organize meetings with multiple end-to-end bridges at the same time.


Multi-point management equipment

In the solution model, the device that connects the terminals and makes the call is the multi-point management device, referred to as MCU (Multipoint Control Unit). In online meetings and online seminars, in addition to managing the MCU connection, the main task is to receive images and sounds from the terminals, then process the mixer and send back images and sounds. mixed for each terminal. In the multi-point solution of Cypresscom, MCU equipment can be integrated devices VEDA 7X0 or professional MCU M800, M1200.


Videos and sounds

In online meetings, online seminars, audio from all terminals sent to the MCU will be decoded and mixed by the Mixer Module. Each terminal has a corresponding mixer to ensure that the audio returned for each terminal will not include the sound of the terminal itself. With pictures, the job is more complicated. Depending on the layout (layout) of images for each selected terminal, MCU will combine picture frames from terminals in separate layouts, then encode and send. With 30fps and N terminals, after decoding the input from the terminals, mixing the images according to the layouts, the MCU will have to process the encoding.
30xN frames per second.

Operation on MCU

Normally, each meeting will need a separate human resources department in charge of controlling operations on the MCU. Common control operations include: mute, change layout, check connection, disconnect or control the camera terminal ... With the VEDA 7X0 series soft MCU, users can manage and manipulate control terminals right on the display interface of the device through Control Cards. The control cards support an intuitive and easy-to-use console. However, when the number of terminals increases (above 8), to ensure fast operation and not interrupt the focus, the user will operate the MCU control on the Web interface. Cypresscom's M series dedicated MCU series all support web interface.

Connect to the MCU

The model of video conference, online meeting, multi-point online seminar is star connection. In which, the terminals connected to the center are MCU. The star-shaped model has the disadvantage that the bandwidth in the MCU must be equal to the total connection bandwidth of all terminals. For businesses that cannot afford to invest in a private transmission network (VPN) or Leased Line, Internet connection is difficult to ensure stable operation because the MCU runs on complex signaling protocols. After a period of research and testing, Cypresscom offers solutions to overcome the above disadvantages by optimizing video compression and CyTunnel solutions. The Cypresscom MCU series can support meeting terminals with different call bandwidth, different compression standards, and optimize HD image compression with 384Kbps bandwidth. With CyTunnel, the signaling and control protocol MCU is packed into a single Tunnel channel, encrypted and guaranteed against packet loss.

Presentation mode

Demand for presentation is indispensable for video conferencing, online meeting, online seminar. In multi-point conference, MCU equipment will receive the presentation content from the terminals and send to the other terminals. Cypresscom MCU devices all support the H.239 projection standard and operate in two modes: Dual monitor or Single Content, in which the MCU will either open H.239 channels to all terminals simultaneously or convert the slideshow content into the video mixer and send it as a regular Video.

Record meeting content

With online meetings and important online seminars, usually the meeting content will be recorded. The MCU supports the recording of meeting content, including video and audio, to a separate storage device, usually a USB flash drive. H.264 compression mode ensures optimal hard disk storage capacity.

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