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Small meeting room

Provide video conferencing solutions, online meeting for small meeting rooms with full features and optimal cost.

Towards small meeting rooms

The need to use a small meeting room for online work exchange, online meeting in the group is indispensable. Cypresscom introduces to customers video conferencing solution, online meeting with VEDA 700 device optimal for a standard small meeting room:

32-40 inch wide screen

- Maximum of 10 members

- Meeting table is arranged in U shape with the center of omnidirectional microphone

- Distance from mic to person up to 3m

- The distance from the screen (camera placement) to the meeting table is 2m

- The best visibility of the camera is 3.5m x 5m (width x length)

HD picture and sound

VEDA 700 comes with HD Camera with Fluid Crystal technology for clear and clear 1280x720 @ 30 resolution images. The VEDA 700's audio processor samples in a wide band from 50Hz to 8KHz for true HD sound. To ensure the highest quality of audio and video for online meetings, online conferencing, meeting rooms need to have a TV display screen that supports HD resolution and audio with Bass support. The VEDA 700 supports connecting VGA or HDMI to monitors and 3.5mm interface for audio. These connection standards are all supported by today's modern televisions. Customers can also use external speakers for better sound quality.

Simple and convenient design and installation

Installing the VEDA 700 in a meeting room is very simple. Users only need up to 3 minutes to perform 3 basic operations: Connect from device to TV via VGA / HDMI and 3.5mm; connect to microphone via 3.5mm port; and connect to the camera via USB. The new generation camera adjusts itself to the light. So there is no need to design additional lights and blinds as conventional solutions. The solution using the VEDA 700 also supports customers in flexibly rotating and changing meeting positions.
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Integration of other systems


In addition to enhancing the sound quality by speaker systems, video video conferencing, online meeting, online seminar can also be created with additional effects. Often times, in order to process video effects as well as add images, logos, text or text, system integrators use additional image processing devices. The video signal from the camera before entering the codec will be connected through this device. In addition, video conference systems, online meetings, online seminars are often connected with video / audio devices such as VCD players, Karaoke rigs ...


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