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Allows the bridges to automatically connect networks with each other and form virtual private networks and encrypted transmission lines.


CyTunnel Solution - Overcoming all barriers

The trend of using the Internet as the infrastructure for services such as VoIP or video conferencing, online meeting is gradually increasing. However, the characteristics of these services are heterogeneous signaling and data channels, the application runs on many different ports. The service uses the Internet or does not work or works for many applications. Service quality is also affected by high packet loss rates due to the "Best-Effort" feature of the traditional Internet. To overcome the above limitation for its video conferencing service, online seminar, Cypresscom introduced a solution of linking VPN Tunnels to create virtual mesh networks between terminals. CyTunnel encapsulates all applications of the service and transmits on a single virtual private channel, ensuring the lowest packet loss as well as service stability.

Secure security over SSL

One of the concerns of users of data transmission services on the Internet is confidentiality. CyTunnel uses one of the most popular security tools today, TLS / SSL (Transport Layer Security / Secure Sockets Layer). These protocols help Cypresscom devices to securely exchange passwords and encrypt data when establishing a connection on the Internet without much impact on latency, bandwidth and packet loss rates.

Simple configuration, automatic connection

CyTunnel can consist of 4 to 64 virtual private channels that bundle together tunnels on the Internet. A device operating in the server mode (Server) combines 4 to 64 tunnel channels. Both the server and the client (client) automatically create the connection when activated. The system configuration is simple, just include activation, set IP address and service port (default is 1236). To make sure the service works, on the network side that houses the server, the network administrator needs to forward the service port from the network communication device (modem) to the server.


More efficient for HHN service

When using CyTunnel, the service bandwidth will increase on average 5%. In return, the devices will automatically connect to create a virtual private network and the service works like on a private internal network. Any two machines connected to the VPN Tunnel with the VPN network can call each other directly. Depending on the factors of the Internet in terms of latency and packet loss, CyTunnel is operated by TCP or UDP protocol. According to statistics, the packet loss rate of the service is reduced to 65% when operating on the CyTunnel platform. The packet delay as well as the Jitter increased slightly and did not affect the quality of the service.

Save investment costs

Normally, when investing in video conferencing systems, online meetings, customers often have to invest in a private VPN network (OfficeWAN or Metro WAN ...) or even a white channel network (Leased Line) with sizable monthly costs and skyrocketing end-to-end demand. With Cypresscom's CyTunnel, customers can use available Internet infrastructure (FTTH or ADSL) for video conferencing services, online seminars without having to invest in additional VPN or Leased Line lines.

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