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Providing solution that allows connecting multiple bridge points in many different offices to attend the same conference.

Overall solution

Nowadays, the need to use video conferencing, online meeting becomes an indispensable trend in operating the activities of organizations and businesses. Cypresscom provides customers with professional VEDA online meeting solutions that bring the fullest and most integrity in terms of sound quality, image, security and stability. The solution includes a dedicated multi-point MCU management system on Cloud, dedicated terminal systems and accessories for meeting rooms and platforms that support access to services on software, web from computers. cool mobile.

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Virtual meeting room on Datacenter

Customers can rent virtual meeting room (MCU) service of Cypresscom on Cloud. Each meeting room supports a minimum of 5 terminals to participate simultaneously. Meeting rooms have their own security ID and password. Customers are also provided with a meeting room administrator account to be able to operate the meeting as on a dedicated MCU with operations such as: Actively connect / disconnect bridge points, design video display layout for the points bridge, handle mute voice of bridge points ... Virtual meeting room for online meeting service VEDA of Cypresscom brings the following advantages:

-Simultaneously support terminal H.323, SIP, Web standards in the same meeting room

- Expanding an unlimited number of concurrent meeting points

- Optional encoding data (AES 256, Blowfish ...)

- Record meeting content on Cloud duration from 20 hours of meeting

- Streaming Streaming meeting content

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Terminal access from multiple platforms over the Internet

When working, traveling or from anywhere you can also connect to the company meeting room to discuss work. In addition, remote branches that do not have a modern meeting room facility can use this solution easily. Cypresscom introduces to customers online meeting solution using professional software installed on computers, mobile (both Android and IOS) or using web browser to join the meeting. These platforms support:

- Quality up to FullHD 1080p

- Low bandwidth from 192-1024Kbps

- Meet up to an unlimited number of points

- Ability to connect to existing video conferencing systems

- Secure encryption of data

- Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari (Iphone, Ipad)

FullHD quality

Online meetings using Cypresscom solutions for up to HD quality. Unlike other programs for poor picture quality, Cypresscom's solution supports HD resolution, low bandwidth, suitable for most Internet lines: 3G, ADSL, Wifi, FTTH .... People Use the standard selection of accessories to ensure the highest level of meeting quality. The system is connected multi-point by the professional MCU of Cypresscom, capable of connecting many different speeds from the bridge points, ensuring the flexibility of the online meeting system, video sound.
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Simple to use setup

System configuration and setup is very simple. For Web browser, users only need to access the meeting room address, log in and join the meeting. For software on computers, users install professional Cyphone video conference software and connect virtual private networks (CyTunel) to the MCU. When using, users only need up to 3 minutes to perform 3 basic actions: Prepare Camera and Mic (skip this step if using built-in microphone and camera), start virtual private network, connect meeting room Or wait for the MCU to call. During an online meeting, users do not have to do any other action.
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Connect to other conference systems

With support for international signaling standards H.323 and SIP, Cypresscom's VEDA online meeting system can allow connection to all equipment lines of other brands through these standards. Individual bridges using software or a Web browser on a computer or mobile can connect to the meeting using VEDA hardware. The connection speed is optional for the Internet connection at the endpoint. For example, the meeting at the company is being held at 1024Kbps, but the connection speed at the computer point can be done at 192Kbps. Video conferencing system, online meeting is a potential step and a product that brings many benefits to customers. Choosing Cypresscom's online meeting solution saves the most money for businesses.

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