About Us
About Us

 Cypresscom Online Technologies Ltd

 Cypresscom Online Technologies Ltd.

- Address: 5th Floor, HOUSING Building, No. 299, Trung Kinh Street, Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City

- TIN: 0106751101

- Scope of work: Research and develop products and solutions for telecommunications and online television technology

- Strategic vision: "To become the leading manufacturer of high-tech telecommunications equipment and products in Vietnam and the world"

- Business philosophy: "Cooperation for mutual development"

Oriented development

Oriented development

Cypresscom is a young information technology company active in research, product development and solution provision. Along with the development of the market economy, the demand for information exchange is becoming more urgent and diversified, and at the same time requires lower investment costs. Grasping that inevitable trend, the company always aims to provide customers with advanced products and solutions that bring the highest efficiency but ensure the most reasonable costs. Cypresscom's products always select and intelligently integrate the latest technologies to provide customers with total solutions and at the same time meet customers' requirements and desires. We invest heavily in research and development to create the most suitable and useful products for our customers.
Core values

Core values

PEOPLE is always the top factor that Cypresscom prioritizes to develop. A team of talented, experienced, creative and enthusiastic associates are the decisive factors that make Cypresscom stand out.

Company culture is an invaluable asset that contributes to the brand name as well as the stable development of Cypresscom.

POLICY applies in the way of doing work that focuses on efficiency and inspires creativity of each member of the Company.

PARTNERS are always factors that bring success as well as development opportunities for Cypresscom.

CUSTOMERS are always dedicated to serving and support when coming to Cypresscom. That makes a difference

Development history

Company formation and development process
2020 - Nay
Step by step development
2015 - 2020
June 2012 officially changed its name to Cypresscom Online Technology Company Limited.
Cypress R&D collaborative group was established in July 2007

Award certificate

Awards we achieve each year
Star award
ISO certification
ISO 2000 certified
membership certification
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