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Frequently asked questions for CypressCom products

Which screen sizes are supported by CypressCom products?

Currently, the company's CypressCom video conferencing MCU and terminal products support 16: 9 aspect ratio output (HD 720p, FullHD 1080p). The SD (4: 3) aspect ratio is currently not supported.

Are CypressCom devices safe and secure?

Information exchanged between endpoints with each other and with MCU is completely secured with the use of CypressCom's CyTunnel technology, ensuring safety and security for customers using unified communication equipment and solutions. by CypressCom.

The first sound near to speak, the far end sounds broken ?

The digital audio processing systems integrated in the VEDA, M series devices have the amplitude threshold optimized for small and medium meeting rooms. If the user configures the receiver sensitivity of the omnidirectional microphone to exceed the threshold, the sound will be distorted and broken. So if there is a breakage, the user can customize to reduce the receiver sensitivity of the near-end microphone.

Observation image is broken?

Image breakage due to incompatible call bandwidth customizations to meet frame requirements. FullHD calls require minimum bandwidth of 1 Mbps, HD calls require minimum bandwidth of 512 Mbps. Therefore, if there is image breakage, users should check call bandwidth settings.

Call only audio, no video or vice versa, or cannot make connection between 2 bridge points?

Please check whether the CyTunnel configuration is clear between the two bridges. CyTunnel on VEDA and M Series devices is designed to ensure smooth overcoming of video and audio service ports as well as H.323 handshake protocol ports. If you do not pass CyTunnel, it is likely that your Internet Service Provider's firewall has a configuration to block the service port and thus the two bridges will not be able to connect successfully.

Can CypressCom VEDA and M series equipment be compatible with the product lines of other video conferencing brands?

CypressCom engineers and experts have researched and developed VEDA and M series devices that comply with ITU-T's standard recommendations for unified communications and tested with all other brands' devices. present on the market today such as Polycom, Radvision, Avercom, ... Therefore, CypressCom equipment ensures perfect compatibility with the common product lines of the world.

Can VEDA 700 Serie make calls over the Internet?

VEDA 700 video conference terminal (HD and Full HD versions) can completely make conference calls through the Internet environment. The use of H.264 High Profile image compression standard and iLBC audio CODEC standard specialized in the Internet environment helps the minimum bandwidth consumption for an HD call is 384 Kbps and FullHD is 768 Kbps. Therefore, it is completely possible to run in the Internet environment with Up-Down symmetric technology (FTTH Leased Line for example).

Is CypressCom's VEDA, M series software or hardware?

CypressCom's VEDA and M Serie products are not merely software installed on the system, but it is a combination of both embedded software development design and the selection of hardware that is optimally compatible with the developed firmware. . Therefore, the product has been optimized for the entire architecture from the physical layer to the application layer, providing high performance for the system.

CypressCom warranty for VEDA, M Serie equipment?

Customers purchasing VEDA and MCU equipment will be supported with the installation and warranty for hardware and software for 1 year. Through the warranty period, if the device has trouble, the customer can use the customer care service of CypressCom to troubleshoot the device. CypressCom's equipment is a hardware company in the country, so the warranty period is very fast, ensuring the normal operation of the business, the organization is quickly recovered when a system failure occurs.

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