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Warranty repairs

All products have a 2 year warranty

With video conferencing, online meeting Codec equipment, when picking up any failure, customers do not have to wait a long time to wait for warranty at overseas firms. Cypresscom guarantees a maximum warranty period of one week after receiving the defective device. In addition to the warranty, Cypresscom also continuously optimizes and develops system software and free software upgrades for customers.

Warranty conditions

- 2-year period since the equipment is handed over to the customer

- Warranty stamp stuck on the device is not dismantled or damaged

- The product stamp affixed to the device's serial number device is not removed

Damage caused by the customer using the equipment in contravention of instructions, equipment standards will not be warranted.


Customers contact Cypresscom at the contact number or email on the warranty card supplied with the device. Within 1 day Cypresscom will send staff to support, check equipment and carry out the warranty repair. For remote customers, customers contact to send equipment under warranty to official Cypresscom partners / distributors or send directly to Cypresscom's address. Within a maximum of one week (including holidays) after receiving the defective device, Cypresscom will fix and send the warranty device to the customer. All device shipping costs will be covered by Cypresscom.

Equipment repair service

For better service in customer care, for online meeting devices, video conferencing with expired warranty or devices not meeting warranty conditions, Cypresscom also guarantees repair service. repair and upgrade equipment for customers with the lowest cost. The time for repairing and upgrading equipment is not more than 10 working days from the date of receiving the customer's equipment. For more details, customers can contact our live support staff at all hours of the day and all days of the week.

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