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Design consultancy

Free consultation on designing solutions for meeting rooms

Cypresscom provides free of charge to partners or customers using its products, solutions related to consulting and designing information technology application systems, infrastructure networks as well as service networks such as: VoIP, Video Conferencing ... With qualified and experienced experts in the information technology field, Cypresscom confidently brings to customers the most modern and optimal technologies, solutions.

Consulting, designing infrastructure for WAN, LAN

From intranet systems with multiple structures integrating different technologies such as Ethernet, FDDI ... to Campus systems or large systems including many sites connecting to virtual private networks VPN or MPLS ...

System security

sulting, designing security for LAN, WAN systems. Data encryption solution for Internet connections between different offices of the enterprise, system model with firewall or access management solutions.

Service systems

Cypresscom focuses mainly on enterprise service solutions such as VoIP, Call Center, Video Conferencing and online solutions such as streaming and surveillance cameras. Particularly with solutions for video conferencing (Video Conferencing), online meeting, online seminars Cypresscom provides customers with a full profile of connectivity solutions, interactive systems integrated AV, control integrates to AV techniques, meeting room lighting design and even Cypresscom branded equipment

Integrated AV media systems

Cypresscom is proud to be one of the pioneers in integrated audio and video solutions in Vietnam. Cypresscom experts have many years of experience in the design of AV, conference presentation or large screen solutions and even Telemedicine.

Cloud computing solutions

Cloud computing is a new field, but it has also been applied to many information technology services. For customers wishing to build cloud computing systems, Cypresscom is confident to be able to provide solutions with their own characteristics and brands.

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