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Technical training

Cypresscom always focuses on supporting partners as well as customers in training to improve the capacity of technical staff. The training areas are mainly focused on video conferencing, online meeting and video online solutions.

Training on network infrastructure

Train knowledge about LAN, WAN, network configuration. Advanced techniques in Firewall configuration, NAT configuration. Design and configure QoS mode for service, DiffServ, IntServ model. Configure a virtual private network.

Train in designing and implementing Cypresscom video conferencing network equipment

Solution models for customers, product features, and application in solutions. Configure network video conferencing, online meeting, online seminar and troubleshooting.

Training in AV design for video conferencing

Designing a sound system for a meeting room including a microphone truss system, speaker system and speaker arrangement. Video system integrated projectors, image splitting processor, image dubbing. Integrated external systems such as Karaoke, video player ... Light design and soundproofing for large meeting rooms.

Training on security solutions for network services

Training basic network system security solutions with firewall. Privacy policies. Types of attacks Video conferencing, online meeting and prevention solutions. Securing data transmitted on the Internet with encryption technology of transmission channels. SSL, IPSec, VPN technologies ...

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