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Remote video solution

CypressCom Streaming provides a method to compress and decompress videos with almost the same quality as the original. Low bandwidth IP video transmission.

Remote video streaming


Remote video transmission solution

Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for directly presenting images, videos, movies, and documents between the two demand points of enterprises. Realizing that trend, CypressCom has come up with a video transmission solution, providing businesses and organizations with the optimal choice when they need to share one-way images and videos between two geographically distant points. through the Internet environment.

Advanced technology

CypressCom's 2-point remote video transmission system uses SOUL equipment. A device acts as an encoder (encoding sound, picture) and plays video. The other device plays the role of video receiver and decoder (decoding audio, images). Audio and video compression algorithm (also known as CODEC) integrated in CypressCom SOUL device is the most advanced algorithm, helping to minimize the required transmission bandwidth. Since then, the solution of long distance video transmission between 2 points when meeting online, online conferencing can completely run on the Internet environment with negligible latency.

True Videos

CypressCom's engineers and experts have been researching and developing with the aim of bringing satisfaction to customers using online videos and online seminars. The quality of the video played and recorded seemed to make no difference. With the use of the SOUL Branch product pair in long distance Video transmission, all geographical distances will be blurred.

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