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Monitoring solutions

CypressCom Surveillance processes video capture from cameras and display them on the surveillance screen. Real HD images, no stutter.

Surveillance camera solutions

With CypressCom's system monitoring solution, customers will be more secure with the office or house monitored by a professional camera system. This solution provides surveillance systems with cameras located at important locations that will monitor the house, office, office 24/7, record the images happening in and around the required location. monitor using CypressCom's dedicated recording device.

High resolution scanning camera

CypressCom surveillance systems are equipped with high resolution PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) CCTV cameras up to Full HD (1920x1080 @ 30fps), autofocus and exposure. Pan angle to 260 degrees, Tilt 120 to 210 degrees to ensure full recording of the surrounding environment. In addition, the Camera device operates according to PoE standards, making the system configuration extremely simple and fast.

Professional hosting

Surveillance camera system is equipped with professional storage cabinets, large capacity for the purpose of storing and reusing image and video data when needed. The system of storage cabinets with a capacity of tens of TB, large read and write access speed allows the system to operate stably, throughout 24/7.

Easy monitoring

System administrators can easily monitor with the monitoring software that comes with the system installed on a monitoring server. In addition, with the CyTunnel solution, users can access and monitor security system developments anywhere with Internet access without having to sit directly in front of the operating machine.

Overall solution

CypressCom provides total monitoring solution from terminal equipment to network configuration, storage systems, security ... giving customers the best package service and satisfaction, trust.

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