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Viettel Post held early spring meeting through VEDA devices

On the morning of February 21, the Leadership of Viettel Post held a meeting in early spring of the entire Corporation through VEDA 700 devices that were installed before Tet.

This video conference is considered as the final review to take over the project to equip 79 VEDA online meeting points via partner SaigonTel. The project started to be activated in the middle of the IV-2017 fund and ended the handover process, deploying equipment installation and put into use at the end of January 2018.

Capture 2

System diagram of connecting online meeting equipment at Viettel Post

With a network of over 800 post offices across the country, Viettel Post has not had a separate video conferencing system before. To organize online seminars, the Corporation has to rely on Viettel Telecom's system. This is really a very inadequate thing. It causes complex, passive in deploying and running meetings. Therefore, this conference TV project is a key priority, making an important contribution to the Corporation's expansion and development roadmap in 2018 and beyond.

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