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Cypresscom launches the VEDA 700 version of 2017

Recently, Cypresscom has officially launched the new generation version of VEDA 700. This is considered a strategic step to dominate the company's low-cost terminal market share in 2017.

Fidelity sound and sharp image are two very important factors for a successful online meeting. Satisfying that requirement, Cypresscom has licensed all new VEDA versions since February 2016. In addition to improving picture quality from HD to FullHD, VEDA products continue to have great innovation in terms of sound.



Terminals VEDA version 2016 will sample audio in a wide frequency range from 20Hz to 20KHz with a sampling rate of 48KHz (Full-Band). The latest encoding standards included in the new version include CELT and OPUS, which both support stereo sound and have a MOS score of over 4.5 points. Most conventional video conferencing devices today only support Narrow-Band (8KHz), Wide-Band (16KHz) and up to Ultra-Band (32KHz) encodings. Theoretically, sound sampled at 48KHz is able to convey all of the sound within the audible frequency range, providing a feeling of complete fidelity. The integration of 48KHz encoding codec will help VEDA device clearly capture all sounds, giving listeners a sense of being in the meeting room.


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