Product   MCU multi-point management equipment

Multipoint control unit VEDA LX

  • Using the standard protocol H.323, SIP, WebRTC
  • Video resolution up to FullHD 1080p
  • Creates meeting rooms for 50 endpoint, up to 130 endpoint
  • Create multiple meeting rooms simultaneously
  • Supports 02 layouts per room, custom manual VIP layout or 1-16 automatic video
  • Content sharing with the H.239 protocol
  • Recorder quality 720p
  • Voice switch, speech point auto switch, chairman mode
  • Control via WEB browsing
Product features
Vietnamese, English language
AES 256 encryption
Easy configuration and installation
Full-band quality Sound
Good warranty
VPN Security
Full HD 1080p
Giải pháp quy mô lớn

Large scale online meeting solution

VEDA MCU LX solves the problem of online meeting for large-scale organizations. VEDA MCU LX solves the problem of online meeting for large-scale organizations. The device allows simultaneous connection to multiple terminals, creating many separate meeting rooms. VEDA MCU LX supports features of professional multi-point management devices such as: transcoding feature, configuring and editing individual image layouts for each endpoint ... Especially VEDA MCU can integrate endpoints with bandwidth Connect different to the same meeting room.
Kết nối không giới hạn số điểm cầu

Endpoint unlimited connection

VEDA MCU LX allows customers to choose the configuration scale up to 130 HD licenses on 01 MCU VEDA LX and perform cascade MCU to connect an unlimited number of licenses. Number of meeting rooms from 2 to unlimited concurrent rooms. The endpoints can be dedicated codecs, software installed on computers or computers using the Internet. VEDA MCU LX integrates terminal management features such as actively connect or disconnect, customize audio and video, switch cameras, share content ...
Tùy chỉnh layout đa dạng, chuyên nghiệp

Customizable, professional layout

Layout is the part of the graphic displayed on the screen of the endpoints. VEDA MCU LX supports customizing the layout for each endpoint participating in online meetings. The videos of the incoming remote points will be mixed and arranged on each layout. Users can customize up to 50 (48 + 2) layouts at the same time for each meeting room. A layout can arrange from 1 to 16 videos of the endpoints.
Tầm nhìn sứ mệnh

Audio and Video HD

VEDA MCU LX integrates different Video / Audio encoding and decoding protocols and harmonizing between different endpoints. Standard images in HD resolution. VEDA MCU LX edits or automatically zooms the video terminals according to the 16: 9 or 4: 3 aspect ratio. The audio is diversified into Full-band 48 KHz, Ultra Wide-band 32 KHz, Wide-band 16 KHz, Narrow-band codecs and options for the warmest and clearest quality.
Mềm dẻo trong các giải pháp hội nghị trực tuyến

Compatible online conferencing solution

With VEDA MCU LX, users can initiate online meetings with many endpoints from many different endpoints. Especially the ability to convert video formats, VEDA MCU allows participants with different bandwidths. A meeting can consist of codecs with 2Mbps HD bandwidth, software terminals with bandwidth of 128Kbps connected from a laptop or personal phone using the Internet.
Trái tim của hệ thống với Cytunnel

The Heart of the System with Cytunnel

Supporting unlimited CyTunnel connections, VEDA MCU LX allows a network of endpoints spread across the Internet to merge together in a private intranet protected by dedicated security encryption standards. The star connection model with the system center is the VEDA MCU LX, which regulates the system's operation from physical infrastructure bandwidth to audio-video encoding transshipment and system administration operations.
Giao diện cấu hình thân thiện dễ sử dụng

User-friendly configuration interface, easy to use

VEDA MCU LX supports configuration via WEB browser. Administrators can access the system from anywhere with a network connection to the device. The manipulation of creating meeting rooms, dedicated terminal administration ... is done intuitively with just mouse clicks.
- Rack-Mount 4U type
- License manages 50 meeting points at the same time
- Protocol H.323, SIP, WebRTC
- Support at least 02 concurrent meeting rooms
- Interface in Vietnamese and English
- G.722, G.722.1, G.722.1C, SpeexWide 16 KHz
- G.711, iLBC, Speex 8KHz
- Stereo codec
- Automatic gain control
- Automatic noise suppression
- Acoustic echo cancellation
- Audio error concealment
- 50 License HD quality 720P or 25 License FullHD quality 1080P (with CP and VS mode)
- Up to 130 License HD quality 720P or 75 License FullHD quality 1080P to meet concurrently without having to cascade the MCU
- Algorithm converting the video format, audio format, resolution, frame per second, network speed of the endpoints
- Encoding standards H.261, H.263, H.264 Base Line, H.264 High Profile, VP8
- Frame resolution from CIF to FullHD 1080P
- 4: 3 or 16: 9 aspect ratio
- Resolution conversion, antialiasing - Automatically fix and upgrade the image quality and sharpness
- 02 port 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet RJ45, MTU, MAC
- Routing Contro)
- Create virtual private networks
- Diffserv, IP Precedence
- Packet loss recovery, Automatic Jitter Buffer, Silence Detection - Customizable bandwidth for each endpoint or layout
- Encryption AES, 3DES, Blowfish
- Security protocol H.235, SSL, HTTPS, SRTP
- VPN Security
- Admin security with password, decentralized admin
- 1 year system log saving mode (custom save time)
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