Product   IMCU multi-point integrated terminal

Codec VEDA 760 integrated multipoint

  • Using the standard protocol H.323, SIP
  • Creates meeting rooms for 6 endpoint
  • Support 2 camera USB FullHD 1080p
  • HD Audio (48kHz), using the standard connecting to systems amplifier, speaker
  • Support multiple monitors. VGA/HDMI/DVI
  • Content sharing on the PC with the H.239 protocol
  • Recorder quality 720p
Product features
Vietnamese, English language
AES 256 encryption
Easy configuration and installation
Full-band quality Sound
Good warranty
VPN Security
Hình ảnh âm thanh tiêu chuẩn

HD standard video and sound

The VEDA 760 provides an online solution that supports HD audio and FullHD images. Video resolution up to 1920X1080 @ 30fps per endpoint with multiple video encoding standards simultaneously. The video processing latency with the H.264 HighProfile standard is negligible. The sound of the VEDA 760 is sampled in a wide frequency range of 50Hz to 48Khz, is echoed (AEC) as well as subtle noise cancellation and the original tone of voice is preserved.
Camera quay quét và zoom xa

The camera scans and zooms

The VEDA 760 functions as an iMCU and also as a mid-sized meeting room endpoint. The whole set of equipment uses a professional camera with the ability to rotate 350/210 degrees and the ability to zoom up to 64x. The VEDA 760 can connect up to 5 cameras. The near and far camera control complies with ITU-T H.281 / H.224 protocol. This is the official control standard supported on most of today's video conferencing and meeting endpoint devices.
Phần cứng mạnh mẽ, phần mềm ổn định

Strong hardware, stable software

VEDA 760 is using new generation chipsets integrating Hardware Acceleration features optimized for video and audio compression and decompression, the processing speed of VEDA 760 is the most outstanding of Cypresscom VEDA series. The powerful hardware platform also supports user interface upgrades that are more intuitive, smoother, and more stable during online meetings.
Hỗ trợ lên tới 16 kênh CyTunnel

Supports up to 16 CyTunnel channels

CyTunnel solution helps video conferencing devices, online conferencing to connect more easily, more securely, as well as efficiency and improved call quality. The VEDA 760 supports CyTunnel with a number of channels up to 16 channels. Virtual private network for video conferencing, online meeting up to 16 points (maximum 6 meeting points at the same time). VEDA 760 also supports flexible choice between TCP / UDP protocols for data transmitted on a private CyTunnel channel depending on the characteristics of the Internet at the location of the device.
- H.323, SIP
- Input: 01 microphone 3.5mm, 01 Line-In 3.5mm
- Output: 1 stereo output 3.5mm, 1 stereo Output HDMI, 1 USB
- Creates meeting rooms for 6 terminals with FullHD quality
- Customize the display layout of endpoints
- Chairman mode, exclusive mode
- Actively / passively connect endpoints
- Mute/unmute the audio of each endpoint
- Use web browser to manage
- Content over IP or HDMI/VGA
- Content resolution: 720p
- Content Frame rate: 5-25 fps
- H.264 Baseline, H264 High Profile, H.263, H.261, VP8, MPEG4
- Remote camera control: H.224/H.281
- 10/100/1000 auto NIC (RJ45)
- Auto MDIX
- Call bandwidth 64Kbps - 4Mbps.
- Protocol: H.235, TLS, SSL, SRTP
- Web-base security
- Password, HTTPS
- Encryption AES, 3DES, Blowfish
- Record meeting content on device or usb
- Recording quality 720P
- review the content on the device
- Input: 2 HD camera USB, 1 HD IP Content, 1 HDMI Content
- Output: 01 VGA/DVI (option) and 01 HDMI
- FullHD 1080p
- HD 720p
- 576p
- 4CIF
- 360p
- Fullscreen video, Side-By-Side, Picture In Picture
- Multiple monitors support
- G.722, G.722.1, G.722.1C, SpeexWide 16 KHz
- G.711, iLBC, Speex 8KHz
- Stereo codec
- Automatic gain control
- Automatic noise suppression
- Acoustic echo cancellation
- Audio error concealment
- Visca, Pelco, V4L2
- Web base and Remote
- Vietnamese, English language
- Support 06 VPN connections in server mode, SSL VPN in Client mode
- Information transmitting and receiving video: codec, bandwidth, latency, packet loss, jitter
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